Import the Fun Vol. 3

Finally gotten around to doing another volume of this import feature. Still got plenty of games to get through, so might focus on getting a few more of these done in the coming weeks. This time around I thought I’d take a look at a guilty pleasure of mine in the Simple Series, with a couple of offerings released for the vita and an extra sprinkling of a spicy D3 game thrown in for good measure. May actually have some SEGA Saturn games in upcoming volumes as I look at importing some of the riches the console received only in Japan. Lets crack on with this weeks games!

Simple V Series Vol. 1: The Dokodemo Gal Mahjong (PlayStation Vita)

More portable richi mahjong! You can never have too much mahjong, and luckily I have several games to play on Vita. Not only does this game offer an interesting way to play, but is also one of only a few Simple Series games to see a release on the PSVita. Funnily enough this game is similar to a couple of games from the Simple Series on PS2 that offered a similar setup, so fans of D3’s cheap fun may have already sampled this – just not on the go. Basically we have another richi mahjong game, only this time you ain’t going up against a full table as its just one on one. This more intimate setup plays into the games dating-sim aspect as you’ll be able to interact with your opponent, talking and answering questions mainly, with their interest for you rising via your answers and performance at the table.

Victory will usually get you partaking in some work related mini game, but there is of course additional costumes for your foe to be unlocked. There are 3 girls in total to go up against, each one having their own personality quirks to make the conversations during play interesting. It’s a good little richi mahjong game if you need more to play, and genuinely offers something a little different with how the game is setup with its one on one play. Worth an import? Sure, but as far as I know there isn’t a physical release of the game so you will likely have to do what I did – head to the store with a JPN account and purchase for 1500 Yen (around £10) A small price to pay for the love of the tiles.

Simple V Series Vol. 2: The Highway Escape Full Boost (PlayStation Vita)

Good old Simple Series offering that simple fun, and this is just for the most part. On this one you play as a detective who is on a mission to gather up evidence that higher ups are trying to bury, with the corrupt officials heading to the highway to get the data moved quickly. You’ll be giving chase in whatever you can get your hands on as the cars run out of fuel, unless you top up at service stations off the highway, or succumb to damage. Luckily you can hop into another vehicle, tho the police won’t like that, with the game having hilariously janky movement outside of the car – plus its usually easier to just step out in front of a car and let it run you down to get up and steal. Over a couple of hundred vehicles make up quite the roster for you to drive, with there being a surprising amount of variance.

Worth importing? Suppose that would depend on how much of a Simple Series aficionado you are and if you need something different to play on Vita. It’s an alright little game, offering the simple fun with added jank one would expect, and can be had for a cheap price. Unfortunately, as with Gal Mahjong, I wasn’t able to source a physical copy and I’m not sure if there is one, so could only get digitally. At 1800 Yen it was cheap enough, equates to around £11, so personally can’t complain myself for the few hours of motor thrills.

Bullet Girls (PlayStation Vita)

Another D3 Publisher game, but this time not a Simple Series release. Instead we have something outside of those budget offerings in Bullet Girls, pretty much Senran Kagura but with guns. It takes place in a posh school as you control members of the Rangers club, who head out on military missions in their spare time, with your travels taking you around the school and to various locations outside it. That’s all the premise you need as the game play out like a traditional third person shooter, complete with cover and switchable characters that each have their own weapons. The main selling point of the game would be its fan service really, enemies can be quickly defeated with headshots or blasted until their clothes tear. It doesn’t end there tho as the characters can be customised via hundreds of lingerie that can be unlocked, plus there’s the interrogation mode. If you’ve played anything like Monster Monpiece or Criminal Girls on Vita, then you’ll probably have some idea of what an ‘interrogation mode’ would imply here.

Overall it is a decent game so long as fanservice isn’t something to rile you up, as the quick & simple gameplay is perfect for a handheld system. You won’t be playing for hours in one sitting, but it’s great for those 30 minute blasts. Luckily there’s also a sequel (I have it on the way), as well as the Phantasia spin-off should you want more girls & guns – you can actually get this one localised on Steam, Switch etc. If you’re interested in what the game offers, it’s relatively easy to import. Cheapest I’ve seen is about £25 (I paid just over that) on Ebay, but the price can actually vary quite a lot so you’ll be best having a look around.

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