As of 07/07/2020, we at Otaku Gamers UK have made the decision to revise and return our Scoring Policy. While we completely retired scoring for a period well feel that adding scores and the new summary section makes for better reviews.

As always, any reviews provided by a Publisher/Developer/PR company will be labeled as such & our reviews will continue to represent our honest thoughts on every game that we play, these thoughts are representative of the reviewer and our website as we trust our reviewers to be honest when covering game titles.

20/09/2020. When we brought back the scoring system we forgot to add in part of our scoring policy which we feel is quite important. Any game with microtransactions (Not DLC in the form of characters such as Street Fighter V) that are deemed to be detrimental to the overall experience will score no higher than 3, even if we personally think higher of the game. THIS WILL BE COMMUNICATED IN THE REVIEW. 

1 Star. An unplayable mess. If a game receives 1 star it got to the point where the game was literally unplayable, either by a game-breaking glitch or complete lack of redeemable qualities.

2 Stars. Bad but playable. Sometimes you get a game which while playable, is either that much of a mess it sours the experience or it’s just generally a bad game.

3 Stars. The healthy middle ground between good and bad, middle of the road, nothing special but nothing offensive.

4 Stars. Better than average. Generally better games with good ideas, great gameplay, and visuals/sound will go here. Slight issues knocking them from the top of the mountain but shouldn’t be ignored.

5 Stars. Cream of the crop. Essential gaming. A glowing example of the genre. A Must Play. While it may not be a “Perfect all-time GOAT” we are more than happy to say you NEED this game.