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Geoffrey – Founder/Site Editor/Author

How do. I’m Geoffro. I work at an Estate Agents, but its not as glamorous as you think it would be. So much paperwork & not enough pay. Ive
never known what to write for these kind of things. I’m just such an
overwhelmingly interesting guy that its difficult to write about myself. There’s this thing..and that too..You wouldn’t believe this!..such wow..so chic..how awesome right!?

Seriously though, When
it comes to Otaku Gamers UK, I don’t really have a set position like some of the
other staff & instead I tend to just dabble. I play games on almost everything, even my phone, and its always been that way for me since I first got my hands on my mums old Atari 2600 as a sprightly young nipper. Things do seem to have
already come a long way for this site from the small beginnings when I started the
site up with the Project Diva F review, so the future should be
interesting. I tend to cover the more ‘Otaku’ games that come around
seen as that was my original thought when I began. Games that tend to be lambasted in the west for being Japanese, I’m here to give those a fair crack of the whip! You may hear the term “its all about the moe” when in my vicinity, and that’s because it is. Moe is life. I’ve been guilty of playing a game or watching an anime simply because its Moe & I’m not ashamed of that fact. Wouldn’t have found Upotte!! otherwise (such fun. Only 10 episodes & an OVA is blasphemy though) So yeah, keep an eye out for my work. At the moment I’m doing a lot of news reporting & working on website business in the background, so any other articles are a little few & far between. Hopefully I can get back to bringing the Moe soon!

Looking forward to seeing things grow and
obviously bringing more quirky otaku content your way!
Twitter: @MadchesterManc

Andi – Content Editor/Editor in chief/Social media Rep
“The ever fairing one man show, pride of utopia & greatest thing ever”


I’m @NamelessAndi, I deal with most of the communication on the site, if you have ever email’d or tweeted us chances are it was me. I rule the site with a Psycho Power infused fist despite what Geoff may say, I play fighting games really badly I tend to excel in watching them, now that I do really well.
 I tend to head up the reviews on the site and do my little bit here and there newswise, you’ll find me on PSN under the name RukiSuperstar or XBL Ruki Superstar, always up for a game of Street Fighter or Guilty Gear (soon to be KoF 14) so drop me an add if you want.



Desmond – Author/Indie Specialist

Hey! My name is Des and by day I am a Scientist and by night a
family guy!  A scientist you say? That must be exciting? Well, yes it
can be ?.
In between all that chaos I am a gamer and
will always be. My love for something different has drove me to find
games which are niche.  I am not afraid to try something new. My mission
is to try and persuade gamers to find time for these niche titles. I
keep insisting that they may fall in love with some of them.
My main consoles of choice fall into the hands if Sony!  I cannot remember
a time where I did not have a Sony console. In fact I still have them
all!  Another “hobby” of mine is collecting trophies (digital ones not
real ones :p). Some call it an addiction, I just call it modern
collecting. Some people collect stamps and that it perfectly normal.
Here at Otaku Gamers UK you will see me providing Vita updates and many many
reviews. I hope I mange to persuade new gamers to try the title I love
and hopefully they will pass their experiences onto others.

Twitter: @DesmondMayer

Vincent – Reviewer/Proof Reader

Well hi there, my name is Vincent and the type of woman I am looking for is…… Oh wait, wrong bio.

Lets start over, my name is Vincent, closer to 30 than I want to be and hailing from the sunny state of Devon! I run my own business as an IT specialist so even though time is limited I am a lifelong gamer and anime fan from way back in my Akira and Amstrad days.

Although I play most all genres and on most systems I am predominantly a PC player, that being said my PS4 and Vita are getting a lot of love lately, aside from gaming I am a collector of most anything that takes my fancy (currently that is a lot of figurines and t-shirts) and I am a big American Football fan. I am here as a general reviewer and busybody and am very pleased/excited to be on board with the team, I really hope you enjoy my reviews because this is a whole new direction for me that I hope to have some success in.


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