Show us your Nindies vol.3

What better to bring in the new year and break your new Nintendo Switch in than the finest indies around?. Welcome to Show Us Your Nindies Volume 3: New Year, New Gear!.


Plague Road

Plague Road is a quirky Strategy RPG/Roguelike by the guys and gals at Arcade Distillery. It features quite a captivating art style, the vocals talent of a certain Jim Sterling and features just a few of the ever popular Survival tropes that have wormed into gaming lately.

The game puts you in the shoes of the Plague Mask wearing Doctor, his goal is to get to the big city. upon making his way there he is attacked. This leads to him being saved and setting up a base at a farm, it’s then up to you to fight your way through the hordes, save survivors and build a unit capable of making it’s way to the big city and stop the plague.

The game features turn based RPG style battles which are serviceable but unfortunately as the battles offer little to no rewards they do tend to wear you down in longer sessions. The game also follows Roguelike progression, you grind for better equipment and the levels are randomized, perfect for on the go playing!.

Overall the game is alright, it’s nothing special but it could of been much worse, everything seems to play it safe, the battle system wears quite thin and there isn’t really much of a hook outside of the amazing art style.


Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XL

Tiny Troopers was originally a mobile title which eventually made it’s way over to consoles and the PsVita, ending it’s campaign on the Nintendo Switch. The best way to describe this one would be “Bite Sized Cannon Fodder”, for those unfamiliar with Cannon Fodder the game pits your squad against other armies, has permadeth and cutsey art style.

The game features 3 campaigns, one of which is based on a Zombie outbreak, hundreds of missions and a tonne of customizable content. The game may lack the bite of Cannon Fodder but for it’s price, tight controls and sheer amount of content, Tiny Troopers is a hard game to sniff at!.


Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is the ultimate throwback to adventure games of old, featuring 16bit graphics and gameplay nearly identical to a certain trip back in time.

Blossom Tales features a Grandfather telling his keen eared Grandchild a tale of adventure and excitement, it stars our heroine Lily and tasks her with saving the kingdom, that is if the children stop rewriting the tale!.

Despite it’s gameplay being A Link To The Past 101, Blossom Tales excels with it’s charm, art style and fantastic boss battles. If you were left hankering for more Classic Zelda after BoTW, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King couldn’t be recommended harder


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