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As the internet evolves, content on show becomes more and more interactive.  There are some truly beautiful website out there which are a joy to visit.  Video games have followed the same path but what happens if you mix them together?  What you end up with is some pretty damn addictive “Clicker Games”.  Not sure what they are?  AdVenture Capitalist on Steam is one and so is the Breaking Bad inspired “Clicking Bad“.  In fact, the most popular one at the moment is Cooker Clicker which sees you control an army of grandma slaves baking cookies (twisted I know).


There are many available but they all have one thing in common – you click to continue.  In the case of Cookie Clicker, you start by manually clicking the cookie to increase you stock but over time you will have access to upgrades which will do it all for you.  A very highly addictive concept.

I personally find they are great games that can be played during down time at work (that is if you have access to a computer and internet every day).  So, today I will present a Clicker game that I have been playing for a few days (not been caught yet) and offer you the task to give it a go whilst you are supposed to be working hard (seriously, if you get caught it is now my fault)

maxresdefault (3)

Today’s Clicker Game is called Mr Mine.  Compared to the standard clicker game this one is a little backwards.  You are in charge of a mine that unearths certain materials from the earth.  As your miners collect the materials they pile up in your stock room until you sell them for money.  However though at the start you are very limited to how much you can hold and how deep you can mine.  These can be improved through upgrades that are brought and made using the materials that you mine.  That is all to it – it is amazing how a simple game can become so addictive but it all stems down to the upgrades you buy.  You have to fork out a lot resources to get these but they will make your life easier in the long run.

The games are evil and use cheap tricks to keep you playing but compared to games that heavily really on microtransaction to continue I really don’t care.  In fact, I best shoot, I am currently mining away as I write this article and I keep getting notifications that my mine is at 100% capacity.  Happy Mining!

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