Show Us Your Nindies Vol 1.

Nindies, what a word!, Nintendo have coined this term with the start of their huge push to get more “Indie” titles on the Nintendo Switch, has it paid off?. Yes, yes it has!, there is a huge amount of Indie titles available on the E-Shop, the only issue is now, which one is for me?, Well wonder no longer, Otaku Gamers UK brings you it’s newest feature, Show Us Your Nindies!.



Wulverblade features throwback 2D Scrolling Beat-em-Up gameplay from everyones favourite 90’s genre. The art style is fantastic and throws lashing of the red stuff around while you work your way through the crowds in it’s 5/6 Hour campaign. It controls like a dream and has the kind of difficulty than can really wreck you if you don’t use every skill in your move set and keep your wits about you.

Wulverblade really excels in the Multiplayer area but it’s a shame it can only be done locally, not a major issue with the Nintendo Switch but would of been appreciated if I could take the battle online!. Wulverblade also features quite an engrossing narrative, especially for one from this genre and I’d say if you are a fan of the genre or never played a game from it before that Wulverblade easily stands with it’s peers.




Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters, penned as the 1-4 Co-Op RPG Personality Test. The game sees you designing a character and being thrust into a story in which your actions or lack of weave a unique tale set over 3 days. Once 3 days have passed you’ll start again but wiser and able to see more of the mysterious world, no one playthrough will be the same.

The game features an addictive combat system, quick 1 hour bursts of gameplay and the ability to play Co-Op with 3 other people. The game makes brilliant use of recording your choices and is one of the more unique and more powerful Rougelike RPG titles. It’s quirky and well worth having a gander over.





Billed as the shoot em up from a team who detest Bullet Hell we have Xenoraid, a 2D scrolling shooter with procedurally driven missions, the ability to switch ships mid level and light RPG elements with it’s management side.

Not the strongest title on show, does venture very loosely into the Bullet Hell territory but not enough to create the kind of intensity and excitement the genre is known for. Servicable title but easily forgotten once it’s been put down.




Cat Quest

The feline focused RPG developed by The Gentlebros features blistering fast combat, charming writing and an addictive and fun narrative to keep you playing till the early hours of the morning.

Easily our star of the week, the game feels like Ys lite with it’s insanely addictive and simple combat, the world is vivid and the characters just ooze charm and fun. Don’t take my word for it though, Geoff reviewed the game originally and this Switch port is just the cherry on the top, you can find the review HERE




So that’s it for this weeks round up, we have more content planned for this run and hopefully will be able to run this more often for you. A quick fire review stack with my personal recommendation, this week I fully suggest putting the cheddar down on Cat Quest!, really can’t get enough of that one!. Till next time! be good meow!.

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