Rule No 1. (Switch)

Rule No 1. Is a “roguelike FPS” published by EastAsiaSoft, does it offer more than its suggestive Fanservice images? Let’s find out shall we?.

Rule No 1 is described by its developer as the “ultimate warm up or waiting for download game” and that should just about tell you everything you need from the depth of this title. 

You take control of a rather foul mouthed anime lady who spends her time shooting weird basic shapes most of the time as they slowly bounce around the arena and try to take away your health, there are sprite based enemies too but the bulk of things you’ll kill are just polygonal shapes, random but such is life with modern gaming. 

It’s a cheap and cheerful arena shooter that rewards Hi-Scores with lewd art of the main character and is designed to be played in short bursts, ideal when it launched on Steam to play as a distraction while something downloaded and the portable nature of the Switch also helps it here.

Guns randomly drop and no run is the same with the enemies that spawn and the weapons, it has that addictive just one more run feel to it but sadly doesn’t have alot more depth than that.

For a cheap and cheerful price Rule No 1 does exactly what it says on the tin, offers quick distraction with it hi-score chasing loop, it offers lewds for the fan service crowd and has several different modes to get stuck into for a few minutes. There are worse ways to spend your money as the combat is quite satisfying, just a shame it’s mostly against metal spheres.



A fine distraction but nothing more.

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