Finding Teddy 2 (Nintendo Switch)

Finding Teddy 2 is the sequel to Finding Teddy, this game was originally released under the title Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus on Steam and has now found its way to the Nintendo Switch. 

Finding Teddy 2 is the latest retro inspired “metroidvania” hoping to take a slice of the e-shop market. You play an unnamed girl as she steps through a portal in her house in order to find her Teddy, this takes her to the land of Exidus. 

Everything here is just about to be disrupted by an evil magician and because you have overalls on; you know your role in this tale!.

As you explore the world you’ll quickly find out that you don’t quite talk the lingo they do here!. Fortunately you have the ability to pick up words throughout your adventure and put them together, therein lies the loop of the game. 

Finding Teddy 2 is essentially a “Metroid” style of adventure, you’ll be back tracking alot. The story is drip fed, just enough to keep you going without boring you with ye olde wall o text!.

Visually Finding Teddy 2 is a tasty little retro inspired treat. It’s pixel art blurring the lines between 8bit and 16bit, the lighting is gorgeous and the world is a fantastic slice of fantasy cake leaving you wanting to explore it more. 

The soundtrack to Finding Teddy 2 is easily worth the price of admission alone, there are some fantastic tracks on hand throughout your adventure to immerse yourself in, put your headphones in and get lost in the fantastic world of Exidus. 

As mentioned the game plays much like the Metroid series of games, it’s a 2D platformer with exploration, back tracking, head scratching puzzles and enemies to slay. While it doesn’t really do anything to break the mold it does provide a more than serviceable adventure for any fan of the genre. 

The only glaring issue with Finding Teddy 2 lies in the combat, you have a very dinky sword and this makes slaying foes ALOT harder than it really should be, throughout my time with the title I never really got a used to the length of the weapon and took alot of damage. The difficulty of puzzles are also on the steeper side. It’s also worth noting the lack of auto save, this can be quite jarring with most of the games today providing one. This is more of an old school challenge. 

Finding Teddy 2 is a fantastic little pixel gem, I do feel the name kind of holds it back being a sequel to a game that isn’t available on the console. Aside from the wonky combat and the difficulty in places, Finding Teddy 2 is a tasty little title that I would suggest any fan of the adventure genre gives a look, who knows you may find more than just your Teddy!.



While Finding Teddy 2 has all the heart and soul of a thousand teddies. Quirky combat and difficulty make this an acquired taste in cuddly companions 

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