Beat cop

Prove Your Innocence this Fall in Beat Cop

From 11 bit studios (This War of Mine) comes a retro-style crime story with a generous dose of black humor―Beat Cop finally lets you be the sarcastic, irreverent cop movie hero you always wanted to be.

You are Jack Kelly, beat cop, and no one gives a damn about you. Your new boss treats you like dirt, your wife is a money-sucking spawn from hell, and the local mafia wants your head on a plate. Oh, and you’ve just been framed for murder.

In the dark corners of 80’s Brooklyn, you’ll have to turn over every stone to figure out who framed you. When you’re not busy issuing tickets, towing cars, or arresting shoplifters, that is.

Think you have what it takes? Beat Cop will be available on PC this Fall.

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