Akuma gameplay for Tekken 7!

The other day footage of Akuma/Gouki in Tekken 7 emerged, click the video below to see how he holds up. From the video you can see the majority of his moveset is still intact and that he can be quite the hard hitter! (5:07 to see him at his full deadly power), you’ll also get to have a decent look at how Dragunov plays and handles Street Fighter’s resident Demon.




What I found really fascinating about the video is that we are finally starting to see what the much delayed Tekken X Street Fighter will look and play like!. They have already shown off several ways the Tekken cast can avoid Akuma’s projectiles such as Side Stepping, Jumping or using moves to counter I.E Kazuya’s Demon God Fist.


Tekken 7 is due to release on Playstation 4 sometime during 2016 & will support Playstation VR


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