Super Mix Tape

You may remember me reporting that Super Mix Tape would be on show at EGX this year.  Well I managed to get my hands on the game and all I will say is that this is one hard platformer to get your head around.  Don’t worry though readers, once you get the hang of everything that you must do to progress across the stage you will find yourself having a lot of fun.

You control a mix tape that has to make it from one stereo to another.  It sounds very simple but once you start moving along the stage you find it getting a little more difficult.  You slide across the stage and have the ability to jump and rotate.  Why rotate? Well, jumping involves pushing the cleaning heads out from the top of the tape so if you land on your back you cannot jump so rotating is the only way to get back on your “feet”.  Jumping is hard though as each head is controlled by each trigger on the controller (an Xbox controller was used for this demo) so if you would like to jump straight up you need to press the triggers at the same time and if you want to go slightly is a different direction you must press the corresponding trigger to do so.  On straight platforming sections this is fairly straight forward but what you must remember is that every tape has two sides.


Basically in a nut shell, you can switch from Side A to Side B and vice versa.  However thought to spice things up when you are on side A you go from left to right and when you are on Side B you will be going from right to left.  Confussing as that may be you will always be heading to the right side of the stage no matter which side of the tape you are on.  Tricky eh? To know when the best time to switch is you always have to keep an eye in the foreground and background for dim platforms.  On Side A the platforms are green and Side B yellow.  Using your slide and jump moves mixed in with the switching of the sides you must traverse the level without falling into the black void below.

There were lots of other challenges mixed into the gameplay like collecting keys to open new areas and coloured moving platforms that you can activate by using Beat command (these are assigned to the D pad in the top right corner).  Only one colour can be activated at a time but as you move through the levels these become a lot more complicated as you may need a few different platforms to advance through the level and these can be placed on both sides of the tape meaning you will have to be pressing some buttons rather quickly.


I managed to beat the level on show at EGX and it was a lot of fun.  It was very frustrating at first but with a little practice (and getting into the right mind set), Super Mix Tape proved to be a good challenge.  It throws everything you know about the standard platformer out of the window and creates its own rules.

For more details on Super Mix Tape head over to the developer’s website.

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