Super Mixtape Playable at EGX2015

Polygrammatic are proud to present a playable debut of Super Mixtape at EGX this year.

Super Mixtape is a rhythm-based puzzle-platformer that has been stylistically built with the commodore 64 in mind and remixes retro-fuelled gameplay with musical manipulation. Guide ‘Mix’ the cassette across a fully reversible 2D world of A-Sides and B-Sides in his quest to reclaim ‘The Lost Tapes’ from the evil power of ‘The Steam’.


With a nostalgic late 80’s narrative and levels built to a beat that you control, define your own path using refined physics, unique mechanics and a fully interactive soundtrack that shapes the very landscape and its formidable puzzles around you.

Attending EGX this?  Super Mix Tape will be playable in the Rezzed Zone from 24th-27th September 2015.

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