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Quick Play – Move Or Die

This years EGX played host to some major players in the gaming industry but it may surprise you that there were more indie titles playable and they were hugely popular among the players.  A large section was hosted by the Indie Mega Booth and tucked away in there was a game called Move Or Die.

Move Or Die is a local and online 4 player competitive game that focuses on quick rounds with different goals.  When I say quick, I am talking about 10 seconds at the most.  the goals that were randomly chosen during my session included holding onto a hat for the longest, colouring the majority of the stage and pass the bomb.  All goals are a laugh that will bring a lot of enjoyment and anger between you and your friends.

Screenshot 4

The controls are very straight forward and easy to pick up.  You move and jump – that is it.  it is a game that anyone can enjoy even those that label themselves as “Non-Gamers”.

I played Move or Die with a bunch of random people but the pure fun & chaos brought us together (even though we were all in it for ourselves).  it brought back memories of playing local multiplayer games when I was younger.  In the age of multi-million pound AAA blockbusters, the couch multiplayer slowly disappeared but it is great to see it is slowly returning.

Screenshot 6

Move or Die is out now on Steam as Early Access and it proves that coach multiplayers are not dead.

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