New Indie Releases for 09/09/15

Hello fellow readers.  This is the beginning of a new weekly feature that will list new Indie releases across all platforms.  I have even put together a playlist of all the trailers for the games out this week.

Many Indie games are released each week and there is that many it is sometime very hard to keep track of them.  To begin with I will keep track of the EU and USA updates but will add the Japanese market in the future.
So without further a do, here is this week’s update;


  • Beyond Eyes PS4   – 08/09/15
  • Hyper Void PS4/PS3   – 08/09/15
  • Knock Knock PS4  – 10/09/15
  • Leo’s Fortune PS4   – 11/09/15
  • Ascendant PS4  – 08/09/15



  • The Swindle WiiU  – 10/09/15
  • Star Sky WiiU  – 10/09/15


I hope you find this useful and if so I will continue to publish this each week.  Hopefully by next week I have a cool name and title card for this feature.
Happy Playing!
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