Bem Feito (Switch)

Bem Feito is the latest release from QuByte Interactive and developed by oiCable, inspired by popular internet culture “Creepypasta”, Bem Feito is a unique title that attempts to blur the lines between game and experience. Does it do this well? Log on and find out. 

Bem Feito is described as a “Life Sim ” that was released on the fictional handheld console JOGAROTO from 1999, the game has very little footprint online, and through luck, you are given a ROM of the mysterious title and an Emulator to play it. 

The game initially boots into a Desktop style menu in which you can navigate settings, look at a load of restricted files that require you to track down passwords that are hidden within the game, check your E-Mail and boot the Emulator, and play the titular rom to discover this “lost gem”. 

I am a huge fan of stuff like this and the immersion it creates is done well, I would have liked a few more E-Mails to read through, possibly to further the “Real world” story as you delve into the creepy world of Bem Feito but there is a lot more under the surface of the game if you factor in all the restricted files that you have to work towards to fully uncover the mystery. 

Bem Feito is heavily inspired by the Game Boy era of games, especially titles like Harvest Moon, it features the color scheme of the original Game Boy meaning it lacks color for the most part and could easily pass as a title from the era. The fact it is played through an “Emulator” allows the graphics to switch from PC desktop to GB-inspired game seamlessly and again gets you immersed in this adventure of playing a long-forgotten game.

Being Bem Feito is a “Life Sim” your character Reginaldo wakes up on Day 1, laments how lonely they are, and starts to tackle the chore list that is left on the fridge, simple stuff like Harvest fruit, tidying the house and other maintenance jobs, at the bottom of the list there is a blurry almost corrupted chore.

By the end of Day 1, you realize things aren’t quite as they seem, completing the chore list starts to corrupt the game, Reginaldo starts to bleed from his eyes, and splashes of red appear. Day 2 rolls around and a friend appears at your house and it is here the game starts to show its Creepypasta nature. 

Bem Feito is less of a game and more of an experience and one I am not willing to spoil further, it runs for just over an hour and while it’s fun, there isn’t a lot of gameplay and it’s more just you pushing along in this faux Life Sim seeing just how deep this rabbit hole goes. I did love where the story took me and when I figured out where to find the passwords for the files I got even further engrossed in Bem Feito and its creepy Reginaldo character. 

The game is a quick horror experience with no difficulty where the focus is solely on getting you to its climax, it isn’t riddled with jumpscare, and while it does try to have an unnerving atmosphere the lack of danger or consequence and low playtime does make it a tough one to recommend. It is one for the Creepypasta crowd and I did enjoy my brief time with it I just wish there was more to it and hopefully the Developer takes the idea and goes even further with it if they choose to revisit Reginaldo and Bem Feito in the future.  



A great idea, a little short and doesn’t quite meet its full potential

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