Dragon Spirit (Switch)

Dragon Spirit is a Shmup released by Namco back in arcades in 1987 closely followed by a NES/Famicom version, with the magic of the ACA releases we now have access to the arcade version on home consoles!.

Dragon Spirit has you taking control of a dragon as you shoot, dodge and bomb your way through 9 different fantasy based stages trying to achieve the goal of a 1 credit clear or at least spending as little as possible!. 

Throughout the stages you’ll fight enemies in the air and on the ground like in titles such as Twin-Bee and Xevious in verticle Shmup shooter goodness. 

You can find several items, some grow you extra heads for extra fire power and some can shrink you making dodging much easier considering the size and slow speed of your winged death dealer. 

Being Dragon Spirit is from 1987 you can forgive the title for being slightly cookie cutter in its gameplay, the genre was still quite fresh at this point and the main appeal of it is the fantasy graphics, because let’s face it controlling a dragon is bad ass.

While Dragon Spirit is a load of fun and comes with unlimited credits as well as Save States and a Caravan mode to really test your scoring skills, there is very little aside from it’s graphics to make this one stand out, if anything the sluggish speed of the Dragon makes you yearn for other Dragon based titles such as Dragon Blase from Psikyo.



Not terrible but there are much better ACA games available for the price

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