SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millenium (Switch)

Many years back the two mega giants of fighting games SNK & Capcom combined properties to make some of the most interesting crossover titles known to gamers. Decades later we have a re-release ready to reignite that sacred flame.

So to get the easy stuff out of the way, SNK made some titles and Capcom made some titles, most players will be familiar with Capcom Vs SNK 2, less familiar with the original, and even less with the 2 SNK Vs Capcom fighting games developed by SNK. Where consoles eventually saw SNK Vs Capcom: Chaos, owners of the Neo Geo Pocket Color got SNK Vs Capcom: The Match of the Millennium, this title is now available on Nintendo Switch under the NGPC Collection range. 

SNK Vs Capcom plays very much like the other games in the range but much closer to King of Fighters R-2 than the disappointing but early release of Fatal Fury: First Contact. 

The roster is made up of SNK and Capcom characters, your usual lot are there such as Terry, Ryu, Morrigan, Haoumaru, and of course you got the villains M.Bison (Dictator) and Geese Howard alongside the final bosses of the game who will be recognizable to long time fans. 

Graphically it is still astounding what SNK managed to do with the Neo Geo Pocket Color, yes the models are chibi but they animate brilliantly, stage design again is fantastic. Honesty it is staggering when you see a game like this, with no performance issues and looking as well as it does with the constraints of the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

On the gameplay side of things SNK Vs Capcom feels like a culmination of every NGPC fighting game that came before it, where the core fighting mechanic remains there is the obvious inclusion of Capcom characters and different meters to suit playing styles. In terms of modes we have single or team arcade modes with various cutscenes for rival characters, an Olympic mode which is a collection of fun mini-games to act as a distraction, and even a whopping 8 characters to unlock.

As with all the re-releases you have the digital book to flick through, a plethora of visual options at your disposal, touch screen, and even that ever common rewind feature, for the asking price Code Mystics has yet again created some emulation perfection.

Would I recommend SNK Vs Capcom?, To fighting game fans who aren’t bothered by the lack of online yes, it’s the most robust of the Neo Geo Pocket Color collection, the most bang for your buck and personally I would say the most fun.



A shining star of the collection. A must for fighting enthusiasts 

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