ScourgeBringer (Switch)

t’s been one helluva time for roguelite with titles such as Hades releasing, is there room for another? ScourgeBringer certainly thinks so and who are we to question it?

ScourgeBringer is the brainchild of Flying Oak Games who have seen the roguelite genre and decided they can conquer it with a Sci-Fi fantasy, high intensity kickass-athon. 

Khyra is on a quest to explore the ScourgeBringer, the creation that destroyed the world and naturally holds the secrets to her past and possibly the key to the future. The ScourgeBringer is not only the antagonist of the title but the area in which you’ll be exploring, it’s a unique aspect of the game and one that really intrigued me and helped me push on through the narrative of the game.

The deeper you get into the ScourgeBringer the more story you get, the more people you meet, and the more items to aid your quest you’ll find. The narrative unveils at a decent pace as long as you keep your progress consistent, this may seem like a daft comment but in a post, Hades landscape the version of storytelling displayed in ScourgeBringer may seem a little too far between for those who are used to something new with every death.

Graphically ScourgeBringer is heavy on the classic pixel look and leans even heavier on the Sci-Fi conventions. The scenery is a mix of metallic, mysterious, and slimy, much like the plethora of foes ready to end your run early. 

The character model for Kyhra is quite small but packs a metric tonne of animation and charm as she seamlessly floats around the room, dispensing death like a killer bee ballerina.

The loop of ScourgeBringer is starting a run, explore the rooms which are generally just combat arenas. Your skills are your melee sword attack and a firearm, initially a pistol but as the guts fly, loot will inevitably drop and hopefully lead you to more powerful weapons. 

You collect the blood of your foes and this can be used as currency in the shops that spring up during your runs though you are often told not to trust the shopkeep. You have Judge Blood which allows you to give Kyhra upgrades such as extra starting health or abilities. 

You’ll also find items and weapons throughout your run as well as various attributes that will alter your play style as you make your way through the ScourgeBringer. In a risk/reward situation ammo for your gun is refilled by melee attacking, the controls are that smooth you can run in, slash, dodge away and fire off some shots with ease. It looks and feels amazing when you nail it and is utterly essential if you want to solve the mysteries of the world. Fortunately, the developers have kindly included some accessibility options to make the game a little easier in certain aspects so that a broader amount of players can enjoy it.

ScourgeBringer is one tough cookie to crack but so sweet when you do. The game manages to make you feel like a giant glass cannon in the best way!. It’s tough as nails, it looks amazing, and has buttery smooth controls that will no doubt cause players to think about the game long after they have turned it off!.



More rougelite greatness, a more “hardcore” and retro sci fi looking title but despite how it looks, ScourgeBringer is hardcore!.

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