HyperParasite (PlayStation 4)

HyperParisite a new addition to the twin stick shooter/brawler Genre that has made its way to PS4 thanks to developers Troglobytes Games. The title is also available on Nintendo switch, Xbox One and steam. So how does the roguelike twin stick hold up against the competition? let’s dive in and take a look!

The story of hyperParasite is laid out simply from the start, with an announcement from the president declaring that a alien life-form has made its way to Earth – a parasitic life-form that attaches itself to a human host, ultimately using them as a flesh suit to do its bidding. This creatures goal is to take the president’s body and end human existence with nuclear weaponry. In order to combat this threat, all residents of earth are tasked with hunting the creature down and saving the world. The downside? Sadly you’re the alien! But are you the prey or the hunter?

The story of the title, while simple, delivers all the information you need and sets you on your journey all within a few minutes. This allows you to begin your hunt without a overbearing narrative that simply would not fit this title and allows more focus on the game play.

Visually the game seems to draw from the 80’s for its setting and aesthetics. The more polished elements such as the level design are rather detailed compared to the character models, or the parasite itself seeming out of place or otherworldly as if it shouldn’t belong there. Whether I’m over thinking this or not I cant say for sure, but the fact it does look different visually only drives home the fact that it is “alien” to this world and something I personally rather liked. On top of this the game seems to run smoothly with little to no loading times and no noticeable frame rate drops, despite how hectic gameplay can become with groups of enemies and projectiles on the screen at once.

The games audio seems to also take inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s for its BGM to its voice over. I half expected to scream finish him from mortal Kombat over all the audio works for the title, and is on point as far as I could tell with sound effects being timed well and the backing track setting a good tone for gameplay

Gameplay makes up the bulk of HyperParasite with its tag-line of snatch, Zap, repeat being as on the nose as you can get. Initially you start out in a training level playing as the parasite a creature that is more than a little fragile to say the least with a single hit being able to send you back to the very beginning of the game. You do however have the ability to make this more manageable thanks to the fact that you can use your enemy’s against themselves. This is done by infecting them and taking on their abilities and shielding yourself from damage, at least until it takes too much damage and breaks down. You must eventually find a new host, but ultimately dodging will be you primary defence. Even so most players will die, and they will die a lot, at least initially.

As you progress through HyperParasite, its going to hurt. The game is challenging and brutal, and until you master it your going to be sent back to square one. One of the key reasons for this is the fact that you will be unable to simply posses any host from the beginning. In fact initially you can only take over a homeless man or a police officer, the two weakest possible hosts. As you progress however you will be able to gather the brains of other hosts and the coins to unlock them. This is the only thing to carry over when you get a game over, fortunately each new host is stronger than the last and allows you more options should your current skin be full of bullet holes. Live, die, repeat will be your ticket to getting through this title or the dodge reflexes of a master level ninja

Overall my personal time with this title was frustrating to a level I haven’t experienced in a long time, though the challenge it posed was both enjoyable at times and occasionally soul shattering when finally clearing a stage only to be struck down. Ultimately if you enjoy a tough twin stick shooter and a challenge – I think you will enjoy this title, but if you’re new to the genre I’d start elsewhere and work your way to this one.

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