Biolab Wars (Nintendo Switch)

Biolab Wars is the debut game on Nintendo Switch by Kolibri Game Studios. Hoping to give you a healthy hit of nostalgia for an even healthier price, it’s time to see if you have what it takes to stop the Biolab Wars. 

Biolab Wars is exactly what it says on its neon tin, an 80s inspired romp. You don’t get a deep story with character driven plot devices, you get 3 heroes, aliens and explosions set to an art style reminisce of the 8bit glory days.

You get put into the war boots of Finn (part man, part machine, all kickass), Becca (female ninja lead) & Teddy (dog with access to a mech) and set across 7 levels, running, jumping and shooting. 

Biolab Wars has a good enough soundtrack to get those nostalgic juices flowing but it’s nothing you’ll be scrambling to get the vinyl for down the line. 

As mentioned earlier Biolab Wars is 7 levels long, each level consists of 3 stages and a boss. They are varied enough and even has the standard vehicle section. The gameplay is standard run and gun with platforming, you can get various different bullets, grenades and 1ups throughout the stages. 

Biolab Wars isn’t the toughest game in town and it certainly isn’t the longest, clocking in at just over an hour. The price point is ideal for the title, £2 for a brief snack of 2D NES style run and gun in the vein of Contra, it does a much better job of representing that series than the latest release did!. 

Biolab Wars is cheap yet focused fun, it’s a nifty little blast and worth coming back to every now and again to get a higher score. I’m holding my breath that there is a Biolab Wars 2 in talks for the future!. 

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