Yakuza 6 gets clan creator trailer

Sega of America has given us a look at Yakuza 6’s expansive clan creator minigame with a new trailer today that also includes a few hidden secrets.

Keep an eye out throughout for some codes that you’ll be able to use in game to hire new characters to use in your clan!

Clan Creator allows Kiryu to form his own motley crew of local tough guys for the first time in the series and send them to battle in large scale RTS battles against rival gangs led by the ‘Six Lunatics’, a group of Yakuza based on New Japan Pro Wrestling stars.

As well as fighting you can train your clan members up and send them online to fight missions around the world

Clan creator looks to be an deep and sizable piece of side content in the same vein as Real Estate Royale or the Cabaret club from Yakuza 0 and it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to minigames. Check out our coverage of Yakuza 6’s other minigames HERE

Yakuza 6 drops here in the UK on March 20th.

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