Solve Girl School Mysteries in Black Closet

Schoolgirl Noir RPG, Black Closet has released on Steam today.  In Hanako Games’ (Long Live The Queen) latest game, you play as a president of a school council at an exclusive all girls boarding school.  Your one job is to keep the standards of the school high by prevent crimes as they happen.

Assigned with five minions you send them out on various mystery cases to solve which would include stolen computers, smoking in the bathroom and girls handcuffed to beds 


It is not all about work though.  At weekends you can get to know your minions better by taking them on dates and exploring the romance options the game has to offer.

“[Black Closet] is much less murderous than Long Live The Queen, but it’s still tough work being at the top. It’s also a little bit naughtier…”

Personally, this does not sound like my sort of game but I do know a certain staff member who may be all over this

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