Kingsway Reveal Trailer

Adult Swim Games is partnering with Andrew Morrish on Kingsway, a fantasy RPG where actions are performed by managing a multitude of windows in a computer operating system. In Kingsway, multitasking skills will serve you better than extensive off-hand knowledge of enemy weaknesses.

Every few generations, a beast of immeasurable size flies over the King’s land and blocks out the sky, and only the prophesied adventurer can save the land from certain destruction. In this case, it just so happens that also working a desk job makes you particularly qualified to become said adventurer.

Enemies come in the form of pop-ups, quests are emails that are sent to your inbox, and your backpack is a file folder often in need of decluttering. Using the tools and customization available in the Kingsway Operating System, find your optimal workflow to complete tasks and save the King’s land―while taking care not to get distracted by spam or lose critical items you swore you’d get to later.

Kingsway is due out on PC later this year.  Until then, check out the new trailer below.

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