Code Vein Gives us a Look at it’s Story and Characters

Namco Bandai’s latest action-RPG Code Vein is looking to be shaping up nicely if this latest batch of screenshots is anything to go by.

New details include the reveal of the central hub area of the game ‘Home Base’, a remodeled chapel where the player can deal with merchants and chat to various NPCs such as the trader Coco who deals in rare and unusual wares.

We also get a look at Depths investigator Davis. A man who quite clearly exudes the “don’t mess with me” vibe.

Next up we’ve got Murasame, Home Base’s weapons trader. She’ll help you upgrade and transform your weapons as well as sell you new ones.

Chatting to these NPCs as well as undertaking various quests and errands given by them will raise their affinity rating which will in turn unlock the opportunity to acquire more powerful items.

During Code Vein, players take up the role of a ‘Revenant’ recently after an event called the great collapse. Revenants have no memory of their past before the great collapse and must gather ‘bloodfruits’ to stop them from succumbing to an insatiable blood-lust that will eventually see them feed on humans. The player character is tasked with exploring urban environments in search of their lost memories whilst meeting up with other Revenants along the way who can assist you during combat.

Code Vein releases this year for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Matthew Wall