Mugen Souls Z is coming to Steam

Chou-Chou and her cute, super-powered motley crew are back in all new adventure. Ghostlight announced on Thursday that they will be bringing the sequel to Compile Hearts S-RPG Mugen Souls, to PC via Steam later this year. Mugen Souls Z on PC will have some changes compared to it’s PS3 counterpart such as, improvements to the games graphics and user interface, full keyboard & mouse support as well as gamepad support and of course it will be chocked full Steam achievements.

Chou-Chou and the gang return in this brand-new S-RPG sequel with a new story and even cuter, super-powerful, godly action and adventure! But this time, after her curiosity gets the better of her, Lady Chou-Chou must rely on the abilities of an all-new ultimate goddess, Syrma, as she tries to stop this ancient threat to her world that has recently awakened.

‘Chouchers’ must teach this newbie how to become all-powerful, before dealing with a colourful new cast of frenemies, as well as a host of favourites from the first game in the series.

Can Syrma work together with Chou-Chou and her motley crew of peons and shampurus to save the twelve worlds from the unknown and ancient “something” that threatens to consume everything in the universe? Join them for 9,999 levels of power levelling, brutal battles and awesome antics to find out!

No official release date for the PC version has been confirmed, the only indication from Ghostlight is that Mugen Souls Z will arrive onto Steam ‘soon’.

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