A New Feature Has Arrived!

Here at Otaku Gamers UK we are always looking to update our services and provide you all with the most up to date and comprehensive & honest reviews for all your niche gaming wants and needs.

This includes everything from the obscure to the indie or even the lesser loved genres here in the UK.  This currently includes covering as much news on releases as we can, as well as most modern home gaming platforms for latest releases and remakes, as well as our Otaku reviews covering titles on older platforms.


As such this brings me to a brand new feature we will be launching as of this week covering gaming on mobile devices.

As you are no doubt aware the mobile gaming market is worth approximately 10 Billion (USD) with only 1% of all users making up that sum in premium purchases and the like we have decided we can no longer neglect it as a key gaming platform and as such will be using our existing model to bring you reviews from now on.

You may notice we have added a entire new section to the site for this and will be publishing these reviews as always on Friday, with this week been no exception with myself, Liam and Andy all working on reviews as you read this look out for the following this week.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X (IOS) – Jay


Final Fantasy: Brave Exivus – Jay


Blazblue RR – Liam


The World Ends With You – Andy


We will be covering all kinds of mobile games ranging from F2P to full priced purchasable titles.  If you feel there is a game you want us to cover E-Mail us at contact@otakugamers.uk.

All reviews will be completed in the same manor as we would any other with some slight differences such as games that are available on home gaming platforms and the like will receive a section of how they compare on mobile devices, as well as looking into pricing and in app purchases.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature and we can continue to provide you with news and reviews.

– Sincerely Jay & the Mobile Division of Otaku Gamers UK

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