BlazBlue: Central Fiction Hits Japanese Arcades 19th November

A lot of my friends often wish I would shut up about BlazBlue, so it is safe to say I am a fan.

Central Fiction, the fourth game in the franchise of fighting games, is the last in the current storyline of BlazBlue. I know it’s not often you see the words “Story” and “Fighting game” together, but BlazBlue manages to pull this off.

Anyway, enough about the series on a whole, lets talk the arcade release! It’s coming out on the 19th November and it adds 2 new characters, Naoto Kurogane and Hibiki Kohaku. Arc System have also strongly hinted that Nine/Konoe is also playable.

Naoto is a character from the spin-off novels BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience, Hibiki is  Kagura’s (for lack of a better word) servant and Nine/Konoe is one of the Six Heroes, as well as Kokonoe’s mother.

The arcade release is set for 19th November and the Arcade Intro video has been released

Personally, and I have to stress this is speculation not fact, I think that given the arcade release date, Japan will probably get a main release around January, with America getting a release around March and those of us in the UK will probably get it within the month after that, if we don’t have a repeat of the original Chrono Phatasma release.

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