2016 Release Aimed for Demetrios

If all goes to plan the point and click adventure Demetrios is aiming to release in Early 2016.  Being developed by French Studio Cow Cat, Demetrios The Big Cunical Adventure follows the story of the antique seller, Bjorn Thonen who after a drunken night finds himself the victim of a home robbery.  Along with his next door neighbour Sandra, they start their own investigation into the robbery only to find themselves in a mysterious and murky affair.


I am a huge fan of the genre so seeing another Kickstarter project like this makes me very happy inside.  With all the recent Point & Click adventure games popping up it inspired me to dig out my old copy of “Curse of Monkey Island” (the best point & click game created ) out this weekend and have a quick play.

At the time of writing the game is 60% complete with 4 chapters out of 6 fully playable!  The current goal is to release on PC, Mac & Linux with console releases if the stretch goals are reached.


Head over to the Kickstarter page to back the project or even over to the Steam Greenlight page to help get this game onto Steam.  If you are unsure what this game is all about check out the fact sheet below or head over to the homepage where a demo is available.  For any future updates please make sure to follow the developers Twitter page.

A preview of the demo is planed for the future here at The Indie Revolution.

Demetrios – The Big Cynical Adventure Fact Sheet



Demetrios – The BIG cynical adventure is mainly inspired by adventure classics such asBroken Sword and Runaway – your “everyday man” getting involved into a great adventure with big secrets and weird situations, travelling around the world, talking to everyone and solving insane puzzles!

You might also encounter a pinch of my all-time favorites, such as Discworld (some humor),Gabriel Knight (cutscenes style and story), Myst (one specific chapter especially), Phoenix Wright and Hotel Dusk (first person investigation, expressive characters and texts…)

  • Hand drawn, 1080P graphics
  • High level of interactivity, very contextual – the characters react to your actions!
  • Travel through the world : from France to Germany and a mysterious African country
  • Mini-games well-integrated into the story.
    Remember the “Gold Saucer” from FF7? 🙂 All of the mini games are meant to be pure fun.
    Each of them could be a whole, separate app on your smart phone!
  • FunnyGame overs” are possible if you mess up.
    Don’t worry, you can try again right away! Actually, you might even want to get them all 🙂
  • Collect well-hidden cookies for optional in-game help to solve puzzles!
  • Gamepad compatibility, for playing on a TV screen!
    Obviously, you can also play with a mouse like every Point & Click 🙂
  • Full-length adventure : 8 to 12 hours of gameplay, full of humor, danger and twists!
    No episodic or in-game fees, for the price you’ll get the whole thing, with a big ending to the story!
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