Day Two at EGX2015

Good morning readers! Second day of EGX2015 & what a busy day I have ahead of me.

After finding my feet yesterday it dawned on me that there is a hell of a lot of indie games on show! I will be doing my best to cover all of them and I have my trusty video camera at hand today so I can get some gameplay footage of the games on show.

As part of the site relaunch a new section was created called The Indie Revolution. Thia where you will find everything to do with indie games. They will still appear on the front page but this new section will just make it more manageable.

Anyway, my train is just arriving at Birmingham. All articles relating to EGX will be posted over the next week with hopefully a few first impressions & reviews.

If there are any games you would like to see please tweet me @DesmondMayer

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