It’s that time of the year again when we shut up shop for a short time and head home to spend time with family & friends. A break from everything is needed at some point in the year, and with PR offices doing the same there’s not much to do over the Christmas period for us. Maybe I’ll finally have enough time to finish FFXV, If I can stop playing FFXIII & FFX-2 on Steam that is….

The new year always brings new ideas for content regarding the site, and there’s a couple in the works should be up and running quickly. Something due to return is the podcast. We were looking to start it up again at the start of December, but delayed a little bit to make sure everything is ready. When we gave it a go before things were constantly being improved so it came across a little too makeshift. You should also expect more Otaku Reviews. There hasn’t been many this year, likely due to the staff roster ebbing away so there’s more work for everyone, and it’s something I’d be looking to do more. I’ve plenty of imported games & eroge content to look at which would certainly be hot content. I’ll also be looking to personally get involved more on our social media accounts, even if I just spam vocaloid videos, so we should be a little more interactive with those that regularly contact us through those methods. Don’t forget we are always looking for new writers or those interested in giving it a go, so get in touch if that is you!

We hope the holidays are going well for you and we’ll see you back here in the new year! Till then put away the chocolate and enjoy the Sweet Magic of Kagamine Rin live…

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