Taito Milestones 2 (Switch)

Taito are back at it again with another compilation and this time the pot has been sweetened with a couple of quirky and exclusive games that haven’t been re-released on their own (as of time of writing) grab some credits and let’s hit the arcade.

Taito Milestones 2 is the second in the Milestones series of re-releases which sees several Hamster arcade ports of Taito games, complied onto a no frills package, much like the original title there is a distinct lack of extras such as a museum or concept art, instead the pull here is several exclusive games that aren’t available to purchase separately elsewhere.

Here is a quick rundown of what you get on this package. 

Ben Bero Beh 

Ben Bero Beh is a quirky single screen, fire fighting/platformer game where your goal is to be the best damn fire hero the world has seen. One hit kills, you’re slow and input lag are just a few of the dangers awaiting you but deep down it’s an interesting if tough and slightly hateful title with a metric tonne of charm.

The Legend of Kage 

The Legend of Kage is a title made infamous by a certain irritated computer programme geek who played the NES version on YouTube many, many moons ago. 

A feudal Japan Ninja themed platformer with janky animations and for me at least a rather distinct lack of fun. A curiosity more than anything.

Kiki Kaikai 

Kiki Kaikai is the first title in the Pocky and Rocky series of games and was one of the titles I cited in my review of Milestones 1 that was missing, I don’t like to say I was right often but actions speak!.

While far removed from the polish of the latest Pocky and Rocky title this is still a fantastic run and gun with colourful and endearing enemies and stages lovingly wrapped in a supernatural Japanese theme, the game is fantastic and tough as nails to boot.

The NewZealand Story 

Another game I cried for in the original Milestone package has arrived and it’s just as good as my Master System induced nostalgia said it would be.

The NewZealand Story is a platformer where you play as a Kiwi Bird, tasked with saving your girlfriend. You jump, fire arrows, throw bombs or shoot lazers as you navigate ever growing mazes, eating up fruit and breaking a sweat for love.

The game has always felt like a natural progression from Bubble Bobble for me despite how much I’ve enjoyed Rainbow Islands over the years. One of the best games on the package and I would love a HD title in the vein of Bubble Bobble 4.

Darius II 

Darius II is everyone’s favourite fish themed Shmup featuring the iconic “I’ve always wanted to try Tuna Sashimi” a voice clip I actually use on my streams (cheap plug on the rare occasion PowahDunk goes live!).

This is actually exclusive to this package (outside of the Darius Collection) and is the dual screen version of the game, so while it’s arcade accurate, it’s also too small to play properly! 

Still worth a look for anyone who isn’t knee deep in Darius packages, like myself!.

Liquid Kids 

Liquid Kids is a quirky water balloon based platformer with cute graphics and a deceptively deep mechanics, a bit like Ben Baro Beh but much more user friendly and a tonne more fun!

Gun Frontier 

Gun Frontier had me so excited as a fan of Shmups but didn’t manage to grip me in any way sadly. Looks and feels like a generic Shmup without the quirky nature Darius brings to the table.

Solitary Fighter 

Solitary Fighter is an insane 1 Vs 1 fighting game in the vein of classic SNK titles like Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury with a splash of full movement from the beat em up genre.

It’s not the most nuanced of fighters and serves more as a brief curiosity than the next Evo standard but it’s lean on violence, weapons and some over the top graphics do lend this title enough charm to keep you coming back.

Metal Black 

Metal Black is another Shmup but has much more going for it than Gunfrontier, feeling like a somewhat spiritual sequel to the Darius series; it also has some rather nifty 3D effects going for it.

Not quite the product shifter it could be but still one of the better titles on this package. 

Dino Rex

I know of Dino Rex through content creator Matt McMuscles and his podcast Triple K.O, looking like the prototype for Primal Rage this was why I wanted this package as it’s currently the only way to play it.

The best thing I can say is it’s certainly interesting, it has a rather unique presentation style and I’d assume there are some controls in there somewhere but it’s far from king of the dinosaurs, in fact it’s just a mess!

Another collection of hits and misses, a bit more stacked than volume 1 and a few exclusives to sweeten the pot but outside of 2 titles I loved and one than I got a good bit of enjoyment out of, not really my pot of hot beverage sadly. 



Mixed bag collection. Great ports.

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