Garlic (Switch)

Garlic is developed by Slyph and published by Ratlaika Games sees our Onion headed hero called Garlic decide to climb a giant tower of death to win the love of a goddess, will it win your hand? Read on.

Onion is a 2D platformer in the vein of Super Meat Boy or Celeste where it doesn’t scroll but presents each area of the tower as “puzzle rooms”. It has a heavy focus on tight jumps and trial-and-error gameplay resulting in plenty of deaths as you try to scale the tower and win the heart of the Goddess. 

Onion’s main ability is a dash in the style of Wario from the Wario Land Gameboy games, this allows you to jump further than normal but also climb walls by repeatedly slamming yourself into them, this is also your main way of dealing with the pesky foes who inhabit the tower.

Each section of the tower is headed up by a challenging boss which will take more than a few deaths to figure out the pattern and how to damage them.

Following this you get a mini-game, these change with each section and are presented in a brilliant over-the-top anime style giving Garlic even more character than its interesting color scheme and graphic style already do.

Do well enough in the mini games and you’ll build that love meter for when you eventually get to the Apex of the tower and witness one of the game’s multiple endings.

Garlic is a fantastic twitch platforming game with responsive controls and a brilliant personality. There were a few glitches in that Garlic wouldn’t interact as expected with some of the platforms and teleport but all in all it’s a great game and well-priced too! Certainly, one for you challenge seekers out there. 



Quirky budget fun that doesn’t stink!

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