Bright Memory: Infinite (PC)

Bright Memory originally released the other year in a bit sized paid demo boasting intense graphics, Devil May Cry style combat and an insane story. Now it’s finished you are getting Bright Memory: Infinite, is it still bright or dull over time? Read on to find out.

Bright Memory: Infinite has a narrative, unfortunately it seems like it’s started in the middle of a game and/or requires extra material to understand what’s going on. 

You play as Shelia who’s an agent for some team, she’s a badass cyber ninja looking woman, you turn up in this province where a giant black hole has just appeared and a militant force group too.

It’s up to you to shoot, slice and dice and not forget about the ancient warriors that also randomly appear with little fanfare or reaction.

The story here is just a thinly veiled excuse for the set pieces that occur which are over the top, Michael Bay style stuff, much like his films don’t question what’s going on and you’ll be fine. 

Visually Bright Memory: Infinite is beautiful, there are so many effects going on, so many detailed textures going on and really is quite impressive, especially when you find out this was a solo-dev.

The main character models are fairly detailed though there is very little distinction between the few enemy types which considering the whole story set up is a crying shame.

Again the levels are nice and detailed but don’t divert from the small village and countryside throughout the whole game, though the blackhole pulling everything towards it is a brilliant effect and there is one particular set piece later on which is brilliant.

In terms of gameplay Bright Memory: Infinite plays very similar to titles like Shadow Warrior and Devil May Cry, you have over the top first person action with a sword and the ability to combo like a fighting game expert.

While the levels lack exploration this is made up by how smooth the combat is, the game only has 4 guns with alternative fire, a sword and a few combat abilities and each one feels smooth and deadly. 

Weapons are a machine gun, pistol, shotgun and sniper rifle and alternative shots generally turn whatever weapon your holding into some kind of grenade launcher or the like.

You’ll be blasting foes into the air using EMP then unloading a shotgun into them while parrying other attacks very quickly into the campaign which roughly clocks in at a paltry 2 hours tops.

There are a handful of bosses along the way with a mixture of gigantic monsters of destruction to the human sized equally matched kind. These are true skill checks and are quite fun to go through.

Aside from the pure absurdity of the story and the blistering visuals there isn’t much to seperate Bright Memory: Infinite from the pack aside from a cheap pickup price and that the game is mostly killer bar one irritating stealth section.

I enjoyed the brief time Bright Memory: Infinite lasts it’s just a shame it doesn’t make a lick of sense and doesn’t do more with its story or gameplay.



A wacky and beautiful idea restrained in the wrong areasĀ 

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