Danger Scavenger (Switch)

A new rouge-like makes its way to Nintendo Switch this month in the form of Danger Scavenger. The title from Star Drifters sees you take on the role of one of multiple heroes as you make your way across the city’s rooftops, taking down foes and bosses as you progress

Story wise the game doesn’t have a rich or deep narrative, in fact it’s almost non existent ,save for some small scenes. With that said, the title is clearly more gameplay focused. A short scene plays out in which the hero’s are watching a news broadcast announcing an AI has gone rouge and its army of robots are on the move, and then away you go killing bad guys and surviving For as long as you can as you make your way across the rooftops of the city’s skyline.

Audio in danger scavenger is surprisingly well done, what it lacks in verity it makes up for in function. The background music suits the world and level design, while the effects work well for the destruction, combat and everything else.

Visually the title is about what I’d expect from the genre, however I found the text a little to small – especially in handheld mode. I found however that it didn’t impact gameplay too much, I also noticed a few frame drops while playing. This again was a minor and rare issue with the game running smoothly most of the time.

Gameplay as mentioned above is a rouge like twin stick shooter. After selecting one of the hero’s, each with their own abilities, you set off to smash robots to pieces using a variety of weapons, ranging from nuke launching bazookas to samurai swords. Using your left stick to move and right stick to aim while collecting power ups and dodging your way through the games levels, it’s quite simple to get to grips with – yet a little more difficult to master, as the first boss fight will teach you, as the bullets and shockwaves fly around the screen

Death with Danger Scavenger differs depending on the gameplay mode, with one such mode allowing you to keep some items and power ups, and the other resetting your progress completely. In addition to this as you progress through the game you can unlock new abilities and weapons depending on your score from the previous run, allowing for some replay ability and new play styles. I found this kept me wanting to replay and try new things out.

Overall I found my time with the title enjoyable, the fast paced gameplay was more than enough to keep me interested in short bursts, and the cyberpunk visuals were well done. Any issues I had with the game felt minor and didn’t impact my enjoyment too much, fans of the rogue-like genre in particular should have plenty of fun with the title and it could even interest those looking for some twin stick goodness.



Take down a rogue AI in this enjoyable & fast paced cyberpunk adventure

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