Exit the Gungeon (Playstation 4)

Exit the Gungeon is the natural progression from what would happen when you have successfully enter said Gungeon. Is it worth running from or should you pay it no heed?. 

So Exit the Gungeon despite being set immediately after the events of Enter is penned in as a spin-off title, this is more than likely the dramatic change in mechanics rather than the story but it is worth pointing out for people may be expecting the 2nd official Gungeon title. 

Exit the Gungeon sees you doing exactly what the name implies as well as several of the NPCs, you’re quest is to dungeon climb and exit that Gungeon!. 

Now the team could have just rehashed the game but had you heading up instead of down, instead, Dodge Roll have you catapulted up the Gungeon in a collection of elevators, rockets, and trains!. 

Where the big change from Enter to Exit lies in the core gameplay, being this is a spin-off the developers have decided to try something a little different than Enter, this one is a side-scrolling lite platforming game rather than a top-down dungeon crawler. 

Another huge change is that the gun you dispense justice with will change roughly every 20 seconds, the better you play the better gun changes into, though there is an element of chaos in what will actually appear in your hands which will rapidly change your play style. Hectic doesn’t even cover it dear Gungeoniers.

Naturally, because of the perspective, they have made changes to the controls, now you can jump which allows you to reach more areas but also dodge bullets in the air, that secret bullet-dodging technique!. 

You’ll find various items floating around the stages which offer several benefits, the enemy hordes are also a lot more numerous than you would expect giving Exit the Gungeon more of an arcade feel to it, something you’ll figure out with just how moreish this title is!. 

The general flow of the game has you entering the Gungeon before it’s destroyed, thrown up the elevator, into the store which has survived, into some optional rooms for bullets and goodies then onto the highlight which is the boss fights. Dear BulletGod these are fantastic, you’ll be learning patterns, reacting to attacks, and sweating through the paces this eclectic mix of baddies puts you through, with the current update there is another very special boss ready to make you work for victory. 

As Exit the Gungeon is a rogue-lite, the enemies are the real changing factor, and the fact your found equipment during your run disappears. You find a currency that stays post-death to unlock more stuff to find on your escape and each playable character has a different route to escape, though there is some overlap. 

Exit the Gungeon is a brilliantly arcade, chaotic by nature, rogue-lite title. While you have the option to keep guns and find ammo for them, it’s a lot more fun to receive the blessing and go with randomly generated weapons every 20 seconds. The title is slightly easier than Enter the Gungeon and this lies in that it isn’t quite as in-depth. There are still plenty of people to save, characters to unlock, and secrets to find but as it currently stands, Exit isn’t quite as robust as the original. That doesn’t mean for one second it isn’t fun and I’ll no doubt garner some heat for saying it’s pure chaotic gun swapping and blistering fast stages make it more for just quick pick up and play sessions!. 

Be it entering, exiting, returning, or observing, it’s always good to get more Gungeon and though its retro graphics or focus on bullet-hell and guns might not be for all, Exit the Gungeon is a fantastic throwback to the addictive and fun short bursts of arcade greatness.



As much as the goal is to Exit the Gungeon, I find myself returning to it constantly!

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