Pokemon Unite Announced for Switch & Mobile Phones

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Unite is in the works.

Developed by Tencent, the game will offer strategic team battles and be free-to-play with in-app purchases on Nintendo Switch, Apple iOS & Android. No release date has been issued yet.

You can read an overview & view an announcement trailer below:

Pokemon Unite is a strategic team battle game being developed jointly by The Pokemon Company and Tencent Games’ TiMi Studios. Pokemon Unite is planned as a cross-platform game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices and will be free-to-start.

In this game, players face off against each other in five-on-five team battles. During battles, players will cooperate with teammates to catch wild Pokemon, level up and evolve their own Pokemon, and defeat opponents’ Pokemon while trying to earn more points than the opposing team within the allotted time.

Pokemon Unite introduces a new kind of Pokemon battle—one that requires teamwork and strategy. It is simple and yet full of intricacies waiting to be unpacked.

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