Touhou Azure Reflections Heading to PC Later This Month

Souvenir Circ has announced a PC release date for Touhou Azure Reflections.

The Touhou Project shoot em up, which is already available for the PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch, will release for the PC via Steam on September 19th.

You can read an overview & view a trailer below:


Touhou Azure Reflections is an insane, side-scrolling bullet hell fan game based on one of the hottest shooting game series to come out of Japan, the Touhou Project!

Key Features

  • Danmaku Rush – Enemies come at you from all directions with a relentless hail of bullets! Fight back with a well-timed Danmaku Rush to tear your way through bullets and enemies alike!
  • Safe Even for Beginners – Not that great at bullet hell games? That’s okay! We’ve got you covered with a Practice Mode that lets you practice boss fights and a Tutorial Mode that holds your hand and walks you through the basics of how to play bullet hell shooters.
  • Collections – It’s got tons of collectibles, too! Mix and match accessories for your favorite look! Collect action figures of the Gensokyo girls, with a dedicated viewer mode. Can you unlock all of the Achievements!?

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