7 Scarlet Heading to PC via Steam Next Year

Intragames has announced a worldwide PC release for 7 Scarlet.

Developed by Idea Factory and Toybox Inc, the Steam release will feature full HD resolution support for the mystery adventure visual novel. 7 Scarlet is set to launch on PC during 2019. You can read an overview for the game below:

“7’scarlet” brings the story of a brave young girl ‘Ichiko Hanamaki’ investigating the disappearance of her brother in the remote town of Okunezato. The players will encounter romance between intriguing characters that conceives their own desire. Penetrate into the plot full of suspense, love and mystery and challenge your detective skills in this disorder.

Followed by her childhood friend ‘Kagutsuchi Hino’, they form intimate relationship with the Inn owner ‘Murakumo Yuzuki’, café chef ‘Amari Isora’, staff ‘Hirasaka Yuki’, ‘Kushinada Toa’ and more. Players can explore multiple character paths and change the course of the story as it plays out against beautifully illustrated environments with dynamic background effects.

characters designed by Chinatsu Kurahana and featured by the original voice actors, the Steam® version will support HD display for more interactive visual and artwork.

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