Aragami Nightfall (PS4)

cNightfall is the newest expansion for the successful stealth-action game, Aragami.  Nightfall brings a new story to the Aragami universe and is set before the events that play out in the base game.  You have the option to play as either Hyo or Shinobu, two shadow assassins who are searching for the elusive Alchemist.  Armed with new moves, Nightfall offers gamers new areas to explore and overcome but have folks at Lince Works managed to continue the success story?

Nightfall has been tailored for both new and old players.  From the expansion being unlocked straight away to reminders of how to play, it does not alienate any one.  As Nightfall assists the story that takes place in the main game, players will come to revelations in different ways based upon the order of play.  It may explain some key story elements to returning players whereas new players will understand key point in the main story. However you play, benefits will be had thanks to the continuous flow of story.

As you would expect the gameplay is just like the base game with very few changes.  You are armed with new skill sets but the fundamentals are the same; keep to the shadows and reach your target without being seen.  Of course thing do not always go to plane and a few people may die but Aragami allows you to do this in so many different ways. Sticking to the shadows you can stealth kill your targets from behind, above and underneath.  It does feel very satisfying when a plan goes successfully and the shadow kill is something else.

If using your base moves is not working you can always switch tactics and use you specials.  This will be either assist you by diverting the enemies or by killing them. Diverting is useful of course, but having your partner appear on screen to help eliminate enemies with you is so much fun to be part of.  It reminds me of games where you have the instructions of ‘you take the left and I will take the right.’

Aragami as a whole is a game for players who like to take their time.  There are moments when you are just waiting in the shadows for guards to reset after you make a fatal error.  This can be tedious especially with the AI not being the brightest in gaming history. When caught you can be killed with one hit so running in without a plan is not the best way to approach this one.  There is no option to fight your way out for this assassin.

  • 8/10
    Aragami Nightfall - 8/10



  • Tactical, rewarding gameplay
  • Stunning visuals


  • Not always fast paced
  • AI feels a little dumb at times
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