Dizzy Hearts Voice Acting Project Kickstarter Live

Lupiesoft has a new VA Project Kickstarter for the upcoming Dizzy Hearts.

Dizzy Hearts is a mature visual novel that sees you taking on the role of young adventurer as she sets out on a journey of adulthood, in the tradition of her people, until she eventually makes her way to the city of Lungarde. Packed with plenty of characters and multiple paths through the games story, this latest Kickstarter marks the culmination of years of work on Dizzy Hearts – that will be completed regardless of the outcome of this voice acting Kickstarter. The cast has already been signed up, with more detail available on the Kickstarter page itself, and the stretch goals look to add more voice acting throughout the various areas of the game. Dizzy Hearts is currently pencilled in for a release late this year.

You can read a quote from the Kickstarter page below, with a new trailer also available:

This crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds to add voice acting to our previously successfully funded Dizzy Hearts campaign. Through development over the years since that campaign, we have resisted the ever present temptation of feature creep but following numerous requests to add voice acting to the game, we have decided to hold a second crowdfunding campaign in order to add voice acting. The game will be made regardless of whether this campaign is successful or not. This campaign is to give those who want to add voice acting and/or those who missed out on the first crowdfunding campaign the chance to get exclusive rewards alongside allowing us to bring our vision fully to life.

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