Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux gets May Release Date

The 3DS remake of 2009’s Nintendo DS Dungeon RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey entitled Strange Journey Redux has finally been given a European release date today by Deep Silver. Expect to see the game in stores May 18th.

Strange Journey Redux is an enhanced port of the DS original with additional content such as new artwork, full voice acting, new demons to recruit and and new story branch complete with it’s own ending.

The original Strange Journey became something of a cult hit in the years following it’s release. The game praised for the way it hearkened back to Shin Megami Tensei’s dungeon crawling roots with more emphasis on exploration and combat than story.

The mix of old and new gameplay systems really does make for a compelling RPG for both casual and hardcore players and we definitely recommend checking the title out on May 18th

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