New Features Trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei-Tecmo games has just released a comprehensive new features trailer for their upcoming title Open World title Dynasty Warriors 9

The trailer goes into some depth about how the open world effects the classic Warriors gameplay in the biggest reinvention in the series history:

  • Complete key missions to advance the story. These missions will be difficult if tackles as soon as possible, but can be made easier by completing linked missions and capturing bases in the open world.
  • 90 characters, each of which has their own ending for the main story
  • Square, Square, Triangle combat is no more. Combat is now based on the enemy state. Start a combo with a stun, launch or knock down attack and your square attack will change depending on which you choose.
  • Upgrade weapons and craft gems using items found or hunted from animals out in the open world.
  • Locate and decorate hideouts where you can cook and recover health

Dynasty Warriors 9 looks like it’s providing the shake up that series fans have been craving for years with the open world adding a whole new spin on the classic Warriors formula.

Dynasty Warriors 9 releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 13th.

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