Latest Dynasty Warriors 9 Character Updates

Koei Tecmo yesterday released a raft of new character updates for their upcoming open world slash em up Dynasty Warriors 9.

Top billing among them was the beautiful Lianshi, one of the series female stalwarts since Dynasty Warriors 7.

Next up we have have one of the sons of Guan Yu – Guan Xing. Seen here wielding an interesting looking foldout blade, certainly one of the more unique looking new weapons featured in Dynasty Warriors 9.

Third on our list is another recent addition to the character roster, returning from Dynasty Warriors 8 and wielding his new twin rods weapon we have Yue Jin

The youthful Zhong Hui and his fanned blade makes his presence known next


Finally, we have the most recently added character on our list, Fa Zheng, Added in the Xtreme Legends expansion to DW 8. Fa Zheng wields chain-whip style blade which looks like it’ll be a dab hand at clearing crowds of enemies.

Finally, as a bonus KT posted some new character highlight videos, showing off some of the new actions possible with the improved battle system present in Dynasty Warriors 9, here’s a look at LuBu showing off some of his Power Moves.

Check the Koei Tecmo Europe Twitter for more character action preview videos.

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Matthew Wall