Gal Gun 2 Debut Trailer & New Info Released

Inti Creates has released the debut trailer and details for the upcoming Gal Gun 2.

The latest release in the Gal Gun series is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch on March 15th 2018 in Japan, with a western release planned but no release date confirmed yet. You can read all the new information below alongside the new trailer:

What is Gal Gun?

The Gal Gun series revolves around an “unlucky” young man who accidentally becomes supernaturally popular with girls. His mission: find his one true love! However, the girls at at academy all want their chance too, and will do whatever they can to express their love! He must use his new weapon, the Pheromone Shot, to fend off their advances by giving them euphoria!

A brand new story with new cutie pies to meet!

The story of Gal Gun 2 kicks off with the demon-hunting angel Risu, and she’s in a really tough spot. Making things even more complicated for our protagonist are two new heroines: the “girl next door” Chiru, who happens to be a total shut-in, and your childhood friend and classmate Nanako.


The protagonist (you) is an extremely normal high school student. One day, you notice an app that you don’t remember installing appear on your smartphone.

When you tap the app, a cardboard box appears before your very eyes. Inside is a suspicious pair of goggles and gadget…. When you put on the goggles, an angel appears in front of you and says…

“You have been chosen. Let’s exterminate demons together, you and I.”

You decide to work together with the angel Risu to exterminate the demon Kurona, whose pranks at school know no bounds.

Over 70 Girls will appear!

In Gal Gun 2, more than 70 female characters will appear, including the students and teachers of Sakurazaki Academy where the game is set. And they will even be fully voiced!

Give the girls euphoria!

In Gal Gun 2, girls will approach you from all angles (360 degrees)! If you lose focus, you’ll be surrounded and knocked down in the blink of an eye, so use your pheromone shot to give them euphoria!

Suck up pesky demons with your trust new “Demon Sweeper” sidearm!

Debuting in Gal Gun VR, the demon (Mini Kurona)-vacuuming gadget, “Demon Sweeper,” is back! Separate demons from the girls they’re possessing with a well-placed pheromone shot, then suck them up for bonus points! The wind produced by the Demon Sweeper may even blow up the girls’ skirts!? By collecting demon repeal points, you can receive new requests and progress the story with the heroine.

Master the art of undressing euphoria!

By strengthening the Demon Sweeper, you will be able to vaccum demons even faster. Additionally, by holding the vaccum button for more than a certain period of time, the Demon Sweeper will switch to the more powerful “Hyper Vaccum Mode.”

Hyper Vaccum Mode “unintentionally” vaccums not only the demons, but also the girls’ clothes. The girls in their underwear will become embarassed and completely euphoric.

Fully loaded with even more new features!

In addition to all of this, information shooting parts called “defensive battles,” “Doki Doki Mode,” and a variety of new elements will be shared in a follow-up report.

■ Gal Gun 2 TV

Inti Creates will host Gal Gun 2 TV #01 on November 29 from 21:00 to 22:00 JST. The broadcast will feature an introduction to the sequel with MC Yuna Taniguchi (Nanako Tamamae voice actress), and guests Emi Uema (Shinobu Kamizono voice actress) and Aya Fujita (Kurona voice actress). You’ll be able to watch it live on YouTubeNiconico, and Fresh.

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