The Stargazers Remaster Kickstarter Now Live via Lupiesoft

The new Kickstarter from Lupiesoft for The Stargazers: Remastered is now live.

The Kickstarter aims to raise enough funds for Lupiesoft to completely overhaul the 2016 original, with plenty of additional content and new artwork promised to be included should the goals be fulfilled. A demo of what is to be expected from the remaster is available to download, with a short message from the developers below:

This project came to Steam in 2016, although succesful we have felt the game was too short, and too lacking in the high degree of polish that we are capable of doing now.

Backers will be supporting not only the overhaul of the base game, but essentially a huge sequel to the game on Steam, several times longer than the main campaign. You can see an example of our efforts in the demo at the start of this page. Overall The Stargazers will have new story, new characters, and new locales as Stargazers Squadron uncovers more of Lady’s fiendish plots.

Bringing the game to Kickstarter now will enable us to get the extra funds we need to fully realize our artistic goals while retaining full creative control. For us, this is critical because of the potentially controversial topics we are featuring in the game.

Head over to Kickstarter for more info on The Stargazers: Remastered.

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