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Play My Mom is a Witch at EGX 2016

Have you played through Castle Crashers and want more? Imagine if it had more varied heroes to choose from, more magic abilities and a new world created for each new playthrough. My Mom is a Witch is a game that does just that. It expands the 4-player co-op beat ’em up formula with roguelike elements seen in games like The Binding of Isaac. This makes the game endlessly replayable and always fresh.

Each hero starts with a different Melee, Magic and Archery skill which you can upgrade with various items and weapons. You can freeze enemies with ice sword, burn them with fireballs, poison them, cause meteors to drop from the sky, turn them into sheep or even use the Medusa’s power to petrify the bosses. The monsters have different abilities and AI as well, so you can adopt you fighting strategy.

The game features local co-op, LAN co-op and online co-op modes. In LAN and online mode, each player can choose go their own way in the same world, or they can fight together.

There are many things in the game world that make it interesting: There’s a big boss at the end of each level. There are shops which you can try to loot if you can beat the shopkeeper’s armed friends. Enemies drop usable items and weapons often. For example, a Goblin Shaman has a voodoo doll which you can use to mark enemies and hurt them from the distance. You can even toss the doll into a campfire and set enemies on fire, or anything else you can think of.

Fancy having a play of this mash up of a game? Head over to the Rezzed Zone next week (22nd-25th Sept) at the NEC, Birmingham.


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