Explore a Cubic World in Riverbond

Independent video game developer Cococucumber announced today that its new voxel, action adventure title,Riverbond, will come to PC and console in 2017. Set in a charming and mysterious voxel-based world that has players slash enemies as well as the environment into explosions of tiny cubes, Riverbond will be showcased at this year’s PAX West in Seattle at PAX Rising. Those attending can discover Riverbond’s secrets in a hands-on demo, while all can get more information about the game now by visiting the official site www.riverbond.com.


Riverbond has players embark on a journey down an enchanted river to explore an ever-shifting landscape, uncover the truth of a collapsing world, and rebuild the passage that once served as the path between life, death and the great beyond. During their journey players will partake in a brisksingle-player campaign filled with exploration, quests, intense melee combat, special abilities and a heroic narrative.
Riverbond’s gorgeous voxel art style and powerful melee combat make the game a standout in the action adventure genre,” said Martin Gauvreau, Co-founder of Cococucumber. “Exploration, discovery and the ability to shatter items into tiny cubes make for a compelling experience that we invite all those attending PAX West to try for the first time ever.”

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