Critical Hit Now Available to Preorder via Manga Gamer

Tsukiware has announced the release of Critical Hit. The first visual novel from the upstart studio is currently available to exclusively purchase on Nutaku for the next week, with the VN also available to pre-purchase on MangaGamer – the game goes live for MG on August 19th. You can find a quick description on the game below:

“Welcome to our fantasy world, where the Game Master has tasked Akira, a curious adventurer, with reclaiming his most prized possession. Akira’s journey isn’t without peril, however, as the Game Master doesn’t necessarily have Akira’s best interests in mind… Or does he?

“Critical Hit!” is an 18+ Original English Language Visual Novel created by 月Ware.

Come join Akira and his fun-filled(?) and lewd(!) adventure!”

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