Indie Summer of Gaming

Summer is here and there is only one way to spend it – with a controller in hands playing games.  There are not a great deal of blockbuster games coming out over the next few months but there is a good selection of indie titles coming out and with this in mind, welcome to the Summer of Indie Gaming!

Over the next few weeks we will be covering upcoming indie games with some older games mixed in – mainly ones that we missed the first time around.

Below is the upcoming schedule for the next five week so stick around for a fun packed Summer of Gaming!

Week One – 1/8 – 7/8

  • Hyper Light Drifter – Heart Machine
  • Brut@l – Stormcloud Games
  • Batman Episode One – Telltale Games

Week Two – 8/8 – 14/8

  • Banner Saga 2 – Stoic Studios
  • Titan Souls – Acid Nerve

Week Three – 15/8 – 21/8

  • No Man’s Sky – Hello Games
  • Grow Up – Ubisoft

Week Four – 22/8 – 28/8

  • Bastion – Supergiant Games
  • The Witness – Thekla Inc

Week Five – 29/8 – 4/9

  • The Final Station – tinyBuild
  • Shiny – Garage227

As with everything, this schedule could change at any point during the month with game either being added or removed.

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