Nintendo’s Next Mobile Venture Continues this Autumn

Nintendo recently announced there continued expansion into the mobile gaming market with the news of not one but two new title to arrive in autumn, Both a fire emblem title and and animal crossing title will be joining Nintendo’s Miitomo on IOS and Android.

Miitomo is available on both iTunes and the android play store and uses Miis, avatars that originally made there appearance on the Wii platform for “An intriguing new social experience” with mini games and friends MiiPhotos.


Little information is currently available for each of the new titles however it seems that neither will be a direct port and will take into account that many of the players using these apps may be to to the series.

Hear is what Nintendo had to say about the apps in there latest financial report.

“Nintendo’s Next mobile Apps: Building on the positive consumer reaction to Miitomo, Nintendo announced that its next two mobile apps would be based on the familiar and beloved Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises. Nintendo plans to release both of these applications this autumn. As for the former app, while making it more accessible in comparison to the Fire Emblem games for Nintendo’s dedicated gaming systems, Nintendo aims to offer the great value of a role-playing strategy game. Nintendo will design the latter game so that it will be connected with the world of Animal Crossing for dedicated gaming systems. By playing both Animal Crossing games, users will find increased enjoyment. Both of these are pure game applications. Compared to Miitomo, they have more prominent game elements, and the game content will tie closely into Nintendo’s dedicated games business. Nintendo will provide more details about these applications closer to their launch period, and aims to have multiple types of apps that appeal to different audiences and different groups of players.”



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